The Hubble Space Telescope

Frontier Fields x The Science Museum

An exploration into the work of the Frontier Fields programme, which harnesses the power of Hubble's telescope to see into the deepest parts of space. 6 key 'deep fields' are studied by Hubble, using the natural gravitational pull of distant light sources to reveal billions of galaxies that have never been seen before.

I have designed and prototyped an exhibition space for The Science Museum to educate to a wider audience the work of the Frontier Fields programme. I have developed these 6 images of outer space into laser cuts of the constellations, that form the 6 sides of a cube. When suspended and lit from inside, the holes create shadow and light that is reflected onto the surrounding walls, designed to be large enough for visitors to walk around.

I have also designed 6 additional postcards with laser cut holders, containing the original image taken by Hubble, further information about each specific deep field and an introduction to the Frontier Fields programme.