Embroidered signs x East Street Market

Value - Location - Irony

Personal response to the regeneration and development of the Elephant and Castle area, specifically East Street Market.

East Street Market has dramatically reduced in size since it first started in 1880. An area with a distinct character, I have been exploring the hidden value with this special environment that is in danger of disappearing. I found that the signs used to show prices for the fruit and vegetables are very low-tech objects - often constituting crude marker-pen words and numerals, scrawled on to scrap pieces of plastic, wooden board or card. Production is quick and easy, reasonably durable, and cheap.

To create a series of ironic versions of these signs, using a technique that requires skill, time, patience and a historical craft process, I chose embroidery. I have referenced the original signs to create a series of six embroidered versions to highlight the diversity, personality and beauty of the market. Photographed in a professional studio setting using produce and crates sourced from the market, the series of images highlight the beauty and the charm of the signs.