Alice x Vivienne Westwood

I assisted in designing and building a window display for Vivienne Westwood's flagship store in London whilst working at Studio Xag in London.

'A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scene is created in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood’s creative team for the 150th anniversary edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Complete with giant tumbling playing cards, an array of cakes and biscuits, and three carefully hand-crafted headpieces. Card, paper and pens are used to depict individual characters, each with their own unique prop and inspired by the books’ original illustrations. The Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit surround a bespoke distorted table adorned in Westwood’s fabric that shrinks down to miniature size. Tiny crockery, vintage props and sweet treats fill the table, capturing the magic and mysteries of Wonderland.' -

I designed and built the White Rabbit headpiece and ruff, and assisted with the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter pieces.

An event to celebrate the anniversary included a book reading from Vivienne to a group of children and VIP guests, taking place in the window at the table.